Featured Project: Kèk

The Brief

Our client at Kèk wanted to approach their cake business with simplicity in mind.
They want people to focus on their cakes and what they really sell,
instead of focusing on the unnecessary glittery extras that mean nothing to them.
They want to sell cakes.
Straight-forward good cake.
So we responded this way.

The Name: Kèk

Nothing can be more straight forward than this name for a cake business. It is simple, easy to remember, and available to use. Kèk is also a homage to their mother language which conveniently means cake. The name is a collaboration of generated ideas between us and the client themselves.

Logo Design

Sleek, modern, straight-forward awesomeness. It is versatile as what a logo should be. Easy to be put across different platforms. Print, digital, Cookie box, 3d art? The options are limitless.

Product Photography

Aligned with the idea of focusing more on the cake itself, we thought of different concepts on how we should approach the product photoshoot. Then we realized, nothing is simpler than putting these cakes in a good old school afternoon tea style. Classic, where it should be.

Come, and Collaborate

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