About Us

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Our Story

Founded by Aris Lazuardi in 2019

Bénie Designs is officially launched and founded by Aris Lazuardi in 2019. A graduate from Billy Blue College of Design in Sydney, Australia.

It all started prior to 2019, where multiple small businesses had approached and personally asked us for advice and assistance with some marketing strategies through digital platforms. They all needed some kickstart particularly for branding, website designs, and social media management.

We responded.

The results have been impressive. Our actions have made their sales increased.
Success stories get shared, one thing led to another and more requests are coming for our service.

Then we started Benie Designs.

Our Philosophy

Bénie generally means “blessed” in french and of Hebrew origin.

This word stands as our promise to always aspire to go beyond just “providing” you with good content, but to be a blessing for your business.

To be a creative agency that you can honestly say and think as proven to be useful, bring values, and a blessing for your business.


Your business is different, unique.
We get that. That’s why we believe in making a specifically tailored approach for every business differently. We want to know your values, strengths, and your vision to be able to deliver the most effective marketing approach for your business.


We are a team of designers from many disciplinary streams of design. We exercise our combined skills and expertise to craft the best and the most effective marketing approach for your business. Graphics, Videos, Websites, Branding, all in one marketing package.


We are a digital design creative agency but what truly drives us the most is bringing value to your business. We create meaningful and impactful content that will capture your target audience and promote your products.
That is one valuable investment.

Aris Lazuardi

Founder and
Head Designer

Fiona Ng

Account Manager

Mercy Salim

Photographer &
Graphic Designer

Rico Halim

Sound Producer @suara.sydney